Home Home remedies Billa Irada Peshab Nikalne ka ilaj Treatment of Urinary Incontinence in Urdu

Billa Irada Peshab Nikalne ka ilaj Treatment of Urinary Incontinence in Urdu

Billa Irada Peshab Nikalne ka ilaj Treatment of Urinary Incontinence in Urdu

Treatment for urinary incontinence relies on upon the sort of incontinence, its seriousness and the basic cause. A blend of medications might be required. Your specialist is liable to propose the minimum obtrusive medications first and proceed onward to different alternatives just if these systems fall flat.


Billa Irada Peshab Nikalne ka ilaj Treatment of Urinary Incontinence in Urdu

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Behavioral procedures

Your specialist may prescribe:

Bladder preparing, to defer pee after you get the inclination to go. You may begin by attempting to hold off for 10 minutes each time you feel an inclination to urinate. The objective is to extend the time between treks to the latrine until you’re urinating just every two to four hours.

Twofold voiding, to help you figure out how to discharge your bladder all the more totally to stay away from flood incontinence. Twofold voiding implies urinating, then holding up a couple of minutes and attempting once more.

Booked latrine treks, to urinate each two to four hours as opposed to sitting tight for the need to go.

Liquid and eating regimen administration, to recover control of your bladder. You may need to curtail or maintain a strategic distance from liquor, caffeine or acidic nourishments. Diminishing fluid utilization, getting in shape or expanding physical action likewise can facilitate the issue.

Pelvic floor muscle works out

Your specialist may suggest that you do these activities regularly to reinforce the muscles that control pee. Otherwise called Kegel works out, these methods are particularly successful for anxiety incontinence however may likewise encourage incontinence.

To do pelvic floor muscle works out, envision that you’re attempting to stop your pee stream. At that point:

Fix (get) the muscles you would use to quit urinating and hold for five seconds, and afterward unwind for five seconds. (In the event that this is excessively troublesome, begin by holding for two seconds and unwinding for three seconds.)

Work up to holding the constrictions for 10 seconds on end.

Go for no less than three arrangements of 10 reiterations every day.

To help you recognize and get the right muscles, your specialist may recommend you work with a physical advisor or attempt biofeedback systems.

Electrical incitement

Anodes are briefly embedded into your rectum or vagina to empower and reinforce pelvic floor muscles. Tender electrical incitement can be powerful for anxiety incontinence and urge incontinence, however you may require numerous medications more than a while.


Prescriptions generally used to treat incontinence include:

Anticholinergics. These prescriptions can quiet an overactive bladder and might be useful for urge incontinence. Cases incorporate oxybutynin (Ditropan XL), tolterodine (Detrol), darifenacin (Enablex), fesoterodine (Toviaz), solifenacin (Vesicare) and trospium (Sanctura).

Mirabegron (Myrbetriq). Used to treat urge incontinence, this solution unwinds the bladder muscle and can build the measure of pee your bladder can hold. It might likewise build the sum you can urinate at one time, discharging your bladder all the more totally.

Alpha blockers. In men with desire or flood incontinence, these solutions unwind bladder neck muscles and muscle strands in the prostate and make it less demanding to purge the bladder. Cases incorporate tamsulosin (Flomax), alfuzosin (Uroxatral), silodosin (Rapaflo), terazosin (Hytrin) and doxazosin (Cardura).

Topical estrogen. Applying low-measurement, topical estrogen as a vaginal cream, ring or fix may tone and revive tissues in the urethra and vaginal regions. This may lessen a portion of the side effects of incontinence.

Restorative gadgets

Gadgets intended to treat ladies with incontinence include:

Urethral addition, a little, tampon-like dispensable gadget embedded into the urethra before a particular action, for example, tennis, that can trigger incontinence. The addition goes about as a fitting to forestall spillage, and is expelled before pee.

Pessary, a solid ring that you embed into your vagina and wear throughout the day. The gadget holds up your bladder, which lies close to the vagina, to forestall pee spillage. You may profit by a pessary in the event that you have incontinence due to a prolapsed bladder or uterus.

Interventional treatments

Interventional treatments that may help with incontinence include:

Building material infusions. An engineered material is infused into tissue encompassing the urethra. The building material keeps the urethra shut and lessen pee spillage. This system is by and large considerably less powerful than more-intrusive medicines, for example, surgery for anxiety incontinence and for the most part should be rehashed routinely.

Botulinum poison sort A (Botox). Infusions of Botox into the bladder muscle may advantage individuals who have an overactive bladder. Botox is for the most part recommended to individuals just if other first line meds haven’t been effective.

Nerve stimulators. A gadget looking like a pacemaker is embedded under your skin to convey effortless electrical heartbeats to the nerves required in bladder control (sacral nerves). Empowering the sacral nerves can control urge incontinence if different treatments haven’t worked. The gadget might be embedded under the skin in your butt cheek and associated specifically to the sacral nerves or may convey heartbeats to the sacral nerve by means of a nerve in the lower leg.


On the off chance that different medicines aren’t working, a few surgical strategies can treat the issues that cause urinary incontinence:

Sling systems. Pieces of your body’s tissue, manufactured material or lattice are utilized to make a pelvic sling around your urethra and the range of thickened muscle where the bladder associates with the urethra (bladder neck). The sling keeps the urethra shut, particularly when you hack or wheeze. This method is utilized to treat stress incontinence.

Bladder neck suspension. This strategy is intended to give backing to your urethra and bladder neck — a territory of thickened muscle where the bladder associates with the urethra. It includes a stomach entry point, so it’s done amid general or spinal anesthesia.

Prolapse surgery. In ladies with blended incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, surgery may incorporate a mix of a sling strategy and prolapse surgery.

Manufactured urinary sphincter. In men, a little, liquid filled ring is embedded around the bladder neck to keep the urinary sphincter close until you’re prepared to urinate. To urinate, you press a valve embedded under your skin that causes the ring to flatten and permits pee from your bladder to stream. Simulated urinary sphincters are especially useful for men whose incontinence is connected with treatment of prostate disease or an augmented prostate organ.

Spongy cushions and catheters

In the event that medicinal medications can’t totally dispense with your incontinence, you can attempt items that facilitate the uneasiness and disservice of spilling pee:

Cushions and defensive pieces of clothing. Most items are not any more cumbersome than ordinary clothing and can be effortlessly worn under regular garments. Men who have issues with spills of pee can utilize a trickle authority — a little pocket of retentive cushioning that is worn over the penis and held set up by skintight clothing.

Catheter. In case you’re incontinent in light of the fact that your bladder doesn’t void legitimately, your specialist may prescribe that you figure out how to embed a delicate tube (catheter) into your urethra a few times each day to deplete your bladder. You’ll be told on the best way to clean these catheters for safe reuse.

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