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Dry Skin Treatment in Urdu

Dry Skin Treatment in Urdu

A beautiful skin emanates confidence and health.here is Best Tips For Dry Skin Treatment  in Urdu .

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Take a ripe banana, mesh it properly, now mix it with 1 teaspoon of honey. Now apply this mixture on your face and massage lightly. After 15 minutes wash with mineral water, dryness will be vanish.

Take a tomato and 1 tablespoon of milk cream, prepare the mixture by mixing both ingredients. Now apply onto your face, after 15 minutes wash with lukewarm water. It is best remedy for dry skin.

Make the mixture of:

Pulp of pear      4 teaspoon

egg yolk           1

Honey              1/2 tablespoon

Apply this paste onto your face and let it dry, then wash with fresh water. Your skin will fresh and glow.

Dry Skin Treatment in Urdu english

Here below we write dry skin care tips for men and women. Those men and women’s that have dry skin tone can get benefit from our dry skin care tips in summer and winter season.

1.  Exfoliating granules remove the tank dry skin without irritating it. The peeling is applicable even in highly sensitive skin. The skin is supple and smooth again. You can now add other ingredients perfectly. Add the amount of a thick bean on the face and neck. With wet fingers gently exfoliate the skin and wash thoroughly with water. Then the skin care as usual.

2.  An excellent moisturizer in capsules containing long chain Hyaluronic acid. The incorporated peptide system penetrates through the stratum corneum and plumps the skin from the inside on. The relaxing effect arises immediately. Apply morning and night treatment as the contents of a capsule under your usual skin care.

3.  A splendid recovery for very dry skin gives this face oil. Its active ingredients prevent the increased water loss of tissue on the acid mantle. It draws perfectly into the skin and does not leave unpleasant greasy film. The very dry skin will quickly return their balance.

An ideal addition to Hyaluronic pulses as spa treatment. After applying the moisture capsule, evening face oil to the face. The dry skin looks the next morning from smooth and refreshed.

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