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Joron Ky Dard Ka Elaj Urdu

Joron Ky Dard Ka Elaj

weight aur proper diet na honay k bais hamary country main  Joron Ky Dard  kay amraz main izafa ho raha hy is k liya main yahan app ko aik desi nuskha bata raha hoon bana kar istamal karin.Joint pain is a common problem in old age and it becomes very miserable. Body movement becomes quite difficult due to joint pain. But you can use home remedies to get relieve the pain.Take daily 1 to 3 walnuts (akhrot). Take milk with Dry Ginger (sonth) 1/4 tsp and boil it now drink this milk. When you are going to take bath add 2 tbsp mustard powder in water and apply this water to take bath. Take carrot juice daily.

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