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Menopause Causes And Symptoms ( Mahwari Ka Ruk Jana )

Menopause Causes And Symptoms ( Mahwari Ka Ruk Jana )

Menopause  ( Mahwari Ka Ruk Jana ) is time in female’s life span in which her monthly periods finally stop and her body got some changes that occur at the age of 45-55. It is natural process face almost each female in her life after the age of 45year. Menopause is a Greek word pausis that means stop. Basically it is time period when female’s menstruation process becomes stops and no longer further fertile for pregnancy.

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Causes of Menopause ( Mahwari Ka Ruk Jana ki wajoohat)

As we know menopause is a natural process; in which female’s ovary stop producing eggs and produce less amount of estrogen and progesterone. With the passage time her periods occur less or even stop in their life after the age of 45year. Some time it stops slowly and some time it stops suddenly. But mostly it happens slowly. Female who got post menopause (women have no period over one year) can no longer get pregnant.

Some time women may experience of premature menopause. It has several reasons that are still debatable. On average women get menopause at the age of 45, but this premature menopause may happen at any time due to failure of ovarian. There are some causes of premature menopause that explain by experts; i.e. Enzyme deficiencies, down’s syndrome, Radiotherapy to the pelvic area, Chemotherapy, Turner’s syndrome, Addison’s disease, Hysterectomy surgery, Removal of the ovaries and Hypothyroidism.
Symptoms of Menopause  ( Mahwari Ka Ruk Jana  ki alamat

Symptoms of menopause vary from woman to woman. Some women got more or less periods in last year before menopause. Some get experience of their periods every three week. However there are some common symptoms of menopause that occur in most of women. Their monthly periods eventually slow and then stop. Their heart beat start racing and got hot flashes during first two year of menopause. Their skin start flushing and often got sleep disorder i.e. insomnia. Other medical symptoms include headaches, vaginal infections, urine leakage and also their moods sudden change. Also their interest in sex become less and cannot stimulate sex activities.
Complication of Menopause  ( Mahwari Ka Ruk Jana )

Menopause has several complications. In some cases women lose their bone solidity within couple of years. Due to lose of bone density/solidity, individual may get risk of developing osteoporosis. Due to menopause female’s vagina and urethra lose their elasticity; which may cause frequent loss of urine. Another study found that she may feel sleep disorder and stress related problems. Another important complication that may happen is breastcancer. After menopause she gets high risk of breast cancer. It is necessary to consult with medical experts and by doing regular exercise may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Self protection/help

There are several ways to help her selves during and after menopause. Void to use tight clothes, reduce tension and stress level, always go for balance and health food instead of spicy food. Avoid taking alcohol, caffeine, smoking items and other similar drugs. Do regular exercise, practice yoga and deep breathing is beneficiary. Also do pelvic floor muscle training that is beneficiary for urinary incontinence problem. Make a schedule for rest and make sure you are not tired. Eat Castro l free diet or use those that are free from Castrol or fats that may lead weight gain.


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