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Mirgi Ka Ilaj Tips Epilepsy Treatment in Urdu

Mirgi Ka Ilaj Tips  Epilepsy Treatment in Urdu

Treatment for epilepsy is utilized to control seizures, despite the fact that not everybody with the condition should be dealt with.It might some of the time be conceivable to control your epilepsy exclusively by maintaining a strategic distance from things that trigger your seizures, for example, lack of sleep and liquor.While a few people may should be dealt with for whatever is left of their lives, this is not generally the situation. Now and again individuals have epileptic seizures at one phase in their life, just for them to wind up less regular or vanish as they get more established. This is more normal if seizures first happen in adolescence or early adulthood.

Mirgi Ka Ilaj Tips Epilepsy Treatment in Urdu

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Treatment outline

Against epileptic medications (AEDs) are normally the principal decision of treatment for epilepsy. Around 70% of individuals with the condition can control their seizures with AEDs.

More often than not, AED treatment won’t start until after you have had a second seizure on the grounds that a solitary seizure is not as a matter of course a solid marker that you have epilepsy.

Now and again, treatment may start after a first seizure if:

an electroencephalogram (EEG) indicates mind action connected with epilepsy

an attractive reverberation imaging (X-ray) filter indicates harm to the mind

you have a condition that has harmed the cerebrum, for example, a stroke

For a few people, mind surgery might be an alternative. Be that as it may, this is just the case if evacuating the zone of the mind where epileptic action begins would not bring about harm or inability. In the event that effective, there is a chance your epilepsy will be cured.

In the event that surgery is impossible, an option might be to embed a little gadget under the skin of the mid-section. The gadget sends electrical messages to the mind. This is called vagus nerve incitement.

At times, an uncommon eating routine is utilized for kids whose seizures are hard to control and don’t react to treatment with pharmaceutical.

Need to know more?

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Against epileptic medications (AEDs)

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The vast majority with epilepsy can be effectively treated with AEDs. AEDs don’t cure epilepsy, however can keep seizures from happening.

There are a wide range of AEDs. By and large, they work by changing the levels of the chemicals in your mind that behavior electrical driving forces. This decreases the possibility of a seizure.

The kind of AED suggested for you will rely on upon various elements, including the sort of seizures you have, your age, whether there are any worries around a specific AED connecting with different pharmaceuticals, (for example, the preventative pill), and whether you are considering having an infant.

Case of generally utilized AEDs incorporate sodium valproate, carbamazepine, lamotrigine, levetiracetam, oxcarbazepine, ethosuximide and topiramate.

Taking AEDs

AEDs are accessible in various distinctive structures, including tablets, containers, fluids and syrups.

It is vital you take after any guidance about when to take AEDs and the amount to take. Never all of a sudden quit taking an AED in light of the fact that doing as such could bring about a seizure.

Your expert will begin you on a low dosage of an AED, then bit by bit expand it inside safe cutoff points until your seizures stop, or in the event that you create symptoms. On the off chance that one AED does not control seizures, another will be attempted by step by step presenting the new drug and gradually lessening the dosage of the old one.

The point is to accomplish most extreme seizure control with least symptoms, utilizing the most minimal conceivable measurement of a solitary pharmaceutical. Attempting an alternate kind of AED is desirable over taking more than one AED, despite the fact that a blend of meds may in some cases be important to control seizures.

While taking AEDs, don’t take some other medications, including over-the-counter solutions or integral meds, for example, St John’s Wort, without first addressing your GP or epilepsy authority. Different drugs could have a risky cooperation with your AED and cause a seizure.

Sodium valproate is not normally endorsed for ladies of childbearing age in light of the fact that there is a danger it could bring about physical imperfections or formative issues in an unborn infant.

It can be utilized if there is no option, or if your expert has surveyed you and it’s impossible you’ll react to or endure different medications. Your master or GP will likewise need to check you are utilizing a dependable type of contraception. Take in more about the dangers of valproate solutions amid pregnancy.

In the event that you don’t have a seizure for over two years, it might be conceivable to quit taking your AEDs. Your epilepsy authority can examine with you whether this is suitable and the most ideal way this should be possible.


Reactions are regular when beginning treatment with AEDs. Nonetheless, they are generally fleeting and go in a couple days.

The particular symptoms you may experience will rely on upon the drug you are taking, however broad basic reactions of AEDs include:


an absence of vitality



wild shaking (tremor)

male pattern baldness or undesirable hair development

swollen gums


On the off chance that you build up a rash, this may imply that you are susceptible to the prescription. For this situation look for therapeutic guidance immediately.

Here and there, you may encounter side effects like being tipsy –, for example, flimsiness, poor fixation and heaving – if your measurements is too high. Contact your GP or epilepsy master instantly in the event that you encounter these symptoms so that your dosage can be reconsidered.

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