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Stawar A Desi Usefull Herbs

Stawar A Desi Usefull Herbs

Mardana taqat ki dawa ho ya zana amraz ki is main stawar na ho yeh ho nahin sakta.mardoon k amraz like quwat e bah ki kami,surt e anzal,mani ki kami,zakawat e hiss,jaryan.mani main sperm ki kami,sehwat ka na ana in sub amraz main yeh kam ata hy.ladies ka amraz like reham ki kamzori,bachadani kay amraz.likoria,mother feed ladies kay doodh main kami ,jismani kamzori in sab amraz main kam ata hy

Healing qualities of  Stawar are useful to a wide array of ailments. It is well known for it effects on the female reproductive system. It is also effective in a number of other systems of the body and is therefore of use to both men and women.

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Botanical Name : Asparagus racemosus

Urdu name:ستاور

Sanskrit: Shatavari

Hindi : Shatavari

English:Indian Asparagus, Hundred Roots , Asparagus roots

Chinese: Tian men dong

Parts Used : Roots (Rhizomes), Stawar  root powder and leaves.

Stawar  Benefits / Benefits of Stawar :

1-Stawar  supports reproductive health by toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs

2-Stawar maintains healthy hormonal balance

3-Stawar  treats PMS symptoms by relieving pain and controlling blood loss during menstruation.

4-Stawar  supports normal production of breast milk for nursing mothers

5-Stawar  relieves menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. By producing estrogens it makes up for low estrogen levels in women who are menopausal or have had hysterectomies or oophorectomies

6-Used in India as a best-known and most often-used herb for women

7-Stawar  supports normal function of the immune and digestive system

8-Stawar  also increases libido

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