Home Liver disease yarqan (Jaundice ) ka ilaj

yarqan (Jaundice ) ka ilaj

yarqan (Jaundice )  ka ilaj

Yarkan is known as “Piliya” or “Jaundice” in english. Actually yarqan (Jaundice ) is not a disease but rather a sign that can occur in many different diseases.yarqan (Jaundice ) is the yellowish staining of the skin and sclerae i.e. the whites of the eyes that is caused by high levels in blood of the chemical bilirubin. The color of the skin and sclerae vary depending on the level of bilirubin. When the bilirubin level is mildly elevated, they are yellowish. When the bilirubin level is high, they tend to be brown. Jaundice is considered a dangerous disease in villages of Pakistan but don’t worry it is treatable and if you follow some tips and take proper medicine along with simple diet then you can fight with  (Jaundice ) or piliya.

 desi asan home made totka

ka yeh bohat asan nuskha hy  app is ko har mousam har age main use kar sakty hain istamal kar k duao main yad rakhain

hakeemimran.com- yarqan (Jaundice ) ka ilaj
 hakeemimran.com- yarqan (Jaundice ) ka ilaj

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مردانہ طاقت میں کمی کے 100  آزمودہ نسخے پڑھنے کے لیئے یہاں کلک کریں

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